3 Main Effective ways of Gaining Ancient Technology Points in Palworld

In “Palworld,” an open-world survival game, creature collection that is similar to Pokémon, and crafting thematic that is inspired by the game’s setting The concept of “Ancient Technology Points” or ATP is rather enticing. These points are necessary for the upgrading of various features on the game and the unlocking of more intricate technologies.

Understanding Ancient Technology Points:

Ancient Technology Points

It is vital to inspect what they are and how they operate before discussing some of the ways through which one can gain them. Main resources are called Ancient Technology Points, and with its help, you can develop and upgrade special Ancient Technologies that will significantly improve your efficiency in Palworld. These technologies can include anything from improved mechanical structures, machines, and weapons to better creature abilities and buildings. In the great world of Palworld shown in the above gameplay, these elements are known as Ancient Technology Points or ATP which are highly important since they make players tech level up or gain even greater abilities. Most of these points are earned through combat – the higher the level of the enemy that you defeat and the boss-type characters in particular, the more points will be earned. Below, we’ll explore the three main ways to gain ATP: beating Syndicate Tower bosses, Dungeon bosses, and Alpha Pals. 

1. Syndicate Tower Bosses:

Defeating Syndicate Tower bosses is the most efficient and popular method to earn ATP. Each boss you defeat rewards you with five ATPs. There are five Syndicate Towers, each located in a different biome and controlled by a distinct faction. The bosses at these towers are ultimate bosses of their factions; they head their respective teams. In the following section, I will outline the organisations of the Syndicate Towers and the logical progression that one might follow when attempting them:

  1. The Tower of Rayne Syndicate  

Location: Coordinates (112, -434)

Recommended Level: 16

Faction: Rayne Syndicate

  1. The Tower of Free Pal Alliance  

Location: Coordinates (185, 28)

Recommended Level: 32

Faction: Free Pal Alliance

  1. The Tower of Brothers of the Eternal Pyre  

Location: Coordinates (-588, -518)

Recommended Level: 41

Faction: Brothers of the Eternal Pyre

  1. The Tower of the PIDF  

Location: Coordinates (561, 334)

Recommended Level: 45

Faction: PIDF

  1. The Tower of the PAL Genetic Research Unit  

Location: Coordinates (-149, 445)

Recommended Level: 50

Faction: PAL Genetic Research Unit

By defeating all five Syndicate Tower bosses, you can accumulate a total of 25 ATP.

2. Dungeon Bosses:

Another way to earn ATPs is by defeating Dungeon bosses. Each Dungeon boss you defeat grants you one ATP. Although this method is not as rewarding per battle as defeating Syndicate Tower bosses, it is still a reliable way to accumulate points, especially when you need just a few more to reach your next upgrade. Dungeons are scattered throughout Palworld, each containing a formidable boss at the end.

To maximize your gains:

  • Explore various dungeons: Different dungeons offer different challenges and rewards. Some might be easier or harder depending on your current level and equipped Pals.
  • Prepare adequately: Ensure your Pals are well-equipped and leveled up before attempting to defeat Dungeon bosses.

3. Alpha Pals:

Ancient Technology Points

Alpha Pals are exceptionally strong versions of the regular Pals found throughout Palworld. Defeating an Alpha Pal also rewards you with one ATP. These enemies are tougher and more challenging than standard Pals, but they offer valuable rewards, including the coveted ATP.

To efficiently farm Alpha Pals:

  • Track Alpha Pals: They can appear in various locations, so keep an eye out for any signs or reports of Alpha Pals in your vicinity.
  • Use strategic combat tactics: Alpha Pals have higher health and damage output. Employing effective battle strategies and using your most powerful Pals can make the fight more manageable.

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Tips for Maximizing Ancient Technology Points:

  • Focus on Syndicate Towers first: Since each boss gives you five ATPs, tackling these should be your primary goal. Follow the recommended order to ensure you are adequately leveled for each encounter.
  • Balance Dungeon and Alpha Pal fights: Use these methods to supplement your ATP gains from Syndicate Towers. They are especially useful for filling in gaps when you need just a few more points.
  • Equip and train your Pals: Ensure your team is well-prepared for high-level fights. Investing in powerful Pals and equipping them with the best gear will significantly increase your chances of success.

By following these strategies, you can efficiently accumulate ATP, advancing your technological capabilities and becoming a formidable force in the world of Palworld.


In Conclusion, to maximize all the technologies in Palword, there is nothing more important than mastering the ATP obtained from Ancient Technology Points which determines the ranges of your bracelet and efficiency in the game. By proactively engaging oneself in defeating various Syndicate Tower bosses, into the exploration and control of numerous Dungeon bosses, and by interacting in a tactical manner with Alpha Pals, players can reap a gradual but continuous rise in their ATP as well as reliable exposures to quantifiable enhancements. Focusing on Syndicate Towers since they offer more ATP rewards compared to the others, with dungeons and Alpha Pal’s encounters as booster strategies, makes for a balanced plan. It also helps to arm and educate your Pals with the best equipment and skills that can effectively help you in these challenging combats. To me, the essential and complex process of accruing ATP introduces an extra dimension of depth and thoughtful tactics to Palworld; each battle, as well as every class upgrade, feels meaningful as a result. It is quite clear that you are interested in the Palworld business; therefore, how do you want to divide your strategies based on the ways of receiving ATP?

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