iPhone (Apple) Releases iOS 17.3 With Stolen Device Protection

Supported devices can now download Apple Releases iOS 17.3 and iPadOS 17.3. Users should already be able to download Apple’s mobile OS updates. With the release of iOS 7, the Stolen Device Protection feature is now available. You can use this feature if your device has been stolen and your passcode is known.

Stolen Device Protection, Face ID, and Touch ID provide access to saved passwords. Apple ID passwords and device passcodes are protected by a security delay. An additional biometric authentication must be successful after waiting an hour.

iOS 17.3 Apple Stolen Device Protection

This comes to mind as one of those things that have made you wonder “how has this not been a thing before?”. Device makers of Android and Google should follow suit soon and bring something similar to their platforms. Collaboration is now possible with Apple Music (including adding emoji reactions to tracks). Crash detection has also been optimized in order to stream directly to a TV in select hotels using AirPlay.

Stolen Device Protection iphone

Stolen Device Protection is a feature introduced in iOS 17.3 to help protect your iPhone. Apple ID passwords require multiple biometric authentication to access with Stolen Device Protection. Changes to these settings are delayed by a new mechanism called Security Delay. 

You’ll have to enter your biometric info twice if you change these settings when you’re not at home. However, Stolen Device Protection only protects some settings, so you must also protect other information, such as social media accounts. It is an optional security feature, but Apple advises everyone to enable it.

Apple Releases iOS 17.3 And iPadOS 17.3 With Stolen Device Protection

iOS 17.3’s Stolen Device Protection may be its most interesting update. Change your Apple ID password, passcode, and view other passwords harder away from home. Observing a user enter their passcode can reveal your iPhone passcode. Passcodes cannot be changed in unfamiliar locations without a one-hour security delay.

Taking a stolen device won’t stop thieves from stealing, but it will make it harder. Available both for iPhones and iPads, the tool is compatible with them. Apple Music also gets collaborative playlists, AirPlay hotel support, and Black History Month wallpapers. Despite the lack of robustness, it’s been only like a month since iOS 17.2.

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