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Huawei Tri-Fold Phone

Huawei, Telecommunications and Consumer Electronics manufacturer, is reported to be working on a tri-fold phone that will take the foldable phone market to another level. There have been rumors about Huawei Tri-Fold Phone and got a lot of attention because of such insiders as Digital Chat Station and Ice Universe.

Folding Mechanism Of Huawei Tri-Fold Phone

Bur recently, Digital Chat Station of Weibo revealed that Huawei Tri-Fold Phone is designed with the double hinge of “inner folding + outer folding.” This design enables the phone to hinge inwards and outwards, giving the phone immense flexibility and usefulness. At its maximum, when the user completely unfolds the device, the screen size is expected to be about 10 inches, thus providing the functionality of a tablet in a portable dimension.

Addressing Crease Control

Huawei Tri-Fold Phone

Of course, one of the biggest drawbacks for today’s folding devices is the management of the fold line. Leaks have revealed that Huawei has managed to reduce this problem to the barest level, which may bring a new benchmark for foldable displays.

Cutting-Edge Technologies And Market Impact

Thus, Digital Chat Station has also mentioned the presence of ‘far-leading new technologies’ in this device and has claimed that there is no real competitor to this equipment in the market. This is depicting a rather big statement given the fact that Samsung alone is the leader in the foldable phone market as of now. Huawei could have moved forward and surpass Samsung where foldable phones are concerned; this is because Ice Universe claims that the latter firm is dulling in terms of foldable design.

Thinner profile is also a major point for tri-folding phones, and Huawei is in advantage here as company that knows how to make thin gadgets. The tweet also indicated a changing market trend where innovation approaching from the Huawei part could cut short Samsung’s market share.

Patents And Development Timeline

For sure, Huawei has not killed off its attempts at creating a tri-fold phone just recently. The company starting to apply for this technology’s patents in 2021, and then in 2022 and 2023. A patent was on the drawing board in February this year outlined a Huawei Tri-Fold Phone with two hinges an outward-folding flexible screen, which corresponds to the description given by Digital Chat Station.

All these patents point to a continuing investment on tri-fold technology and they give an impression that Huawei has been working on perfecting the designs for a while now. Although both the information and the avenues through which they have obtained it are leaks and patents, the reliability of the sources lends credence to these rumors.


All in all, there is information that Huawei is working on a completely unique tri-fold phone with a dual-hinge setup and a 10-inch screen. It also means that Huawei Tri-Fold Phone fold within and out; this makes it tremendously unique and very convenient to use. Huawei has made the crease as level as possible eliminating it as a problem that affects screen with curves. Possible with innovative technologies and increased thinness, this device can surpass the South Korean manufacturer’s foldable smartphones and change the trend. Huawei has been serious with the development of tri-fold technology this is evident in the company’s patent filings from the year 2021 onwards. If these rumors are true, then Huawei could be the one that leapfrogs to being the leader in the foldable phone market.

For myself, I have rather high expectations towards this device and its outcomes in the given sphere. Having a tablet-sized screen in a portable form could change how we use our devices when you think about it. As much as i am looking forward to evening’s event, i wonder whether huawei design incorporates the main challenges that have faced foldable gadget manufacturers in the past. In your opinion, using the dual hinge design may enhance the user experience in what ways? Further, do you believe that Samsung will counter with the same design feeling or will they remain loyal to their strategy?

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